The New Way To Straighten Teeth Without Braces

Orthochip is the most incredible advance in orthodontic treatment since the development of the wire. It is completely redefining the way orthodontists straighten teeth - and you won’t believe your eyes.

Orthochip technology uses a tiny microchip that is programmed to move your teeth into their ideal position:

  • no braces
  • no wires
  • no problem

With Orthochip - your entire prescription for treatment in advance, determining the most efficient path from where your teeth are today to where they truly belong. Your treatment is then downloaded onto your Orthochip and it's ready for placement on the back of your teeth.

The Chenins are honored to be the first orthodontic practice in America to offer this revolutionary treatment option to adults who would probably not consider orthodontic treatment if traditional braces were required. Plus, since the entire treatment plan is created in advance, patients will be able to see a simulation of their finished result before their treatment even begins.

With Orthochip, you can eat what you want without any restrictions, there is minimal discomfort and the teeth appear to move very quickly.

And they're all right.